ABOUT scrapping your car

junk car buyer in Sterling Heights,Mi.

  1. Must have a valid michigan title (no liens)- it is illegal to buy a car in the state of Michigan without a valid title(title should be GREEN in color). If you can not find your title we can tell you how to obtain a new one.
  2. Title has to be signed by you as the seller if you have any question as to where to sign your title our operators are happy to help
  3. The price you get on a car is based on several things – condition of vehicle,weight,demand of parts and the price of scrap. So prices do vary.
  4. Vehicle must have no less then 2 tires to be hauled away
  5. We have free pick up so the car does not have to be in drive-able condition

tow truck  Call us at 586-307-4423

WE ARE OPEN 24 hours and 7 days a week too.

Junk Cars for Cash Sterling Heights

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